Desert Rose Gypsum/ Selenite


Made out of Selenite (Gypsum) and Barite

The Selenite is lighter in weight than the Barite, is colored like the sand it is included with, which is usually lighter in weight than the Barite. Desert Rose is formed from the combination of water, wind, and sand. It is found in desert regions all over the world, this particular variety is from Mexico.

The Selenite Desert Rose has energy within that is used for protection, prosperity, purification. Used as a purifier to neutralize negative energy or clear energy from objects and people, and send that energy back into the earth if needed for healing. The energy of desert rose is very gentle and it teaches one that life is worth all of its ups and downs. It is a quiet stone that promotes inner blossoming and meditation. Has the energy of the sand which promotes being surrendered enough to be carried by the wind. Brings strength to decision making.