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Non-Crystalline Carbon

Mineraloid Group

Amorphous Solid System

Hardness: 3.5-4


Our Shungite has been sourced from the Zazhoginsky mine located in the Republic of Karelia, Russia.

Shungite from Zazhoginsky  is composed of over 30% of carbon, along with Silicon, Aluminum, Iron, Magnesium and other minerals to give it its fullest, high energy potential.

Shungite is the intermediate form between the amorphous carbon and crystalline graphite. Shungite carbon is a fossilized organic material of sea bottom Precambrian sediments of high level of carbonization containing fullerenes.

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In the early 1700’s, Russian Tsar Peter I  built a  Shungite resort he called Marcial Waters. The resort water was found to possess unique healing properties after passing through the thick  Shungite crust layers. This Shungite Water has been believed to work miracles in fighting various diseases –  the person’s general condition might be found to  improve, nervous stress has been seen to fade away, being substituted by inflow of the vital energy. Doctors have confirmed steady remission of many chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and great improvement of metabolic processes.

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