Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the geometry that has been used, for hundreds and even thousands of years, in the design and construction of numerous religious structures like temples, mosques, churches and other religious monuments, altars and tabernacles.

Sacred geometry is used for sacred spaces such as sacred groves, village greens and holy wells, and in the creation of religious art.

In sacred geometry, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions.

Sacred geometry relates to universal patterns that are found in everything from the tiniest particles of matter to the shape of the galaxies themselves.

By connecting with these shapes and forms, a believer contemplates the Great Mysteries, and the Great Design.

By studying the nature of these patterns, forms and relationships and their connections, insight may be gained into the mysteries – the laws and lore of the Universe.

We plan to bring a great deal of artwork and jewelry for you to enjoy here in the near future, as we grow. In the meanwhile, here are some examples.






Sri Yantra Smooth 13.5cm